Who I am:
Associate Creative Director at Bulletproof. Over 20 years experience in the creative industry.

My favourite thing to do is combine multiple things together that have absolutely no right living in the same world; Chopped Spanish samples on top of Serbian orchestral drums, Typography from a 1920 Wisconsin laundromat on a neon blue electronic canvas, Mango & sesame oil with nigella seeds, you get the idea. I strive for originality, but never forget that everything is a remix.

You might see me on a stall with my daughter at Coal Drops Yard, Kings Cross helping sell products from my wife’s homeware brand. I know lots of useless trivia about music, film, comedy, wrestling & sports. I don’t dress particularly well but am fascinated by the fashion industry. I once wrote a restaurant review that got printed on the back of a book. 

What I do:
• Produce creative work with brilliant thinking and big ideas.
• Nurture, inspire and work with up-and-coming creatives.
• Evolve with design technology.
• Collaborate with the best creative partners.
• Excite clients, build enthusiasm and have fun.